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Personalized Cancer Test

What is RGCC Test? What is a CTC blood test? Cancer test cost? Cancer test method?

Personalized Cancer Test

We offer RGCC test, which its key function is to identify, analyze and screen cancer cells at different stage. The tests we provide are designed to achieve three goals:
1) Early detection of cancer
2) Help monitor existing cancers
3) Get a personal profile of which cancer drugs and natural substances can be used to obtain the best therapeutic effect.

Detect Cancer Cell
Monitor Existing Cancers Cell

1. Early detection of cancer

Traditional imaging tests for cancer have limited sensitivity. Generally, the cancer is already quite large when the tumor can be detected by imaging. CTC can detect cancer earlier for detailed follow-up when the cancer is yet to be detected by imaging.

2. Help monitor existing cancers

A substantial amount of clinical data found that the level of CTC has an indication of the survival rate of patients. For example, in patients with breast cancer, if the level of CTC is higher, it has an indication that the survival rate is relatively poor. On the other hand, there are clinical data showing that the number of CTCs will decrease as the tumor shrinks.

3)Get a personal profile of which cancer drugs and natural substances can be used to obtain the best therapeutic effect.

The test provides reference for the response of circulating tumor cells to some commonly used chemotherapy drugs, immunotherapy drugs, and integrative cancer treatment drugs.  The test can even provide some guidelines for some commonly used nutrients and supplements for cancer patients.

Helping you to make the choice of chemotherapy drugs

There are many kinds of chemotherapeutic drugs.  Drug resistance often appears during treatment. And we know that chemotherapy is generally harmful to the body. If there is a test that can help us analyze which chemotherapeutic drug should be selected, then it can reduce a lot of pain for the patient. By the same token, such tests can also help doctors choose targeted drugs and immunotherapy drugs. Of course, this test only gives us useful reference materials, and cannot completely replace the clinical response results.

Nutritional supplements​

Most cancer patients will take a lot of supplements, but how should they choose? This test may make a leading assessment of our commonly used anti-cancer supplements and natural remedies. This can undoubtedly help patients make a better choice, strengthen the efficacy of anti-cancer, and also avoid spending wronged money.

Thermal Energy and Radiation Therapy​

In addition, these tests can provide an assessment of the sensitivity of cancer cells to hyperthermia or radiation therapy. Through the test of HSP (Heat Shock Protein), we can predict the response of cancer to the above methods.


This test provides information about the effects of specific anticancer drugs, targeted therapies, and natural therapies on the cancer cells of individual patients.

The test combines two procedures, combining molecular and cellular methods: epigenetic analysis and viability analysis.

This test is carried out in an ISO-certified laboratory, which is equipped with the latest technology and special software for data analysis.


Please call us to inquire about RGCC TEST charges. We will provide RGCC Test fees and related information for reference.
Q2: What is the RGCC test?
The RGCC test is designed for patients whom want to seek a personalized cancer test. It is expected to: Detect early signs of cancer development; help monitor existing cancers; assist in identifying chemotherapeutics and natural substances that achieve the best treatment results
Q3: What is CTC blood test?
The circulating tumor cell (CTC) test is a blood test that looks for tumor cells that have shed from the tumor and are circulating in the bloodstream.