Our approach

Our services help turn the tables on disease, preventing both its initial development and the worsening of existing conditions.

BMS believes that you can be revitalised, stay healthy and enjoy anti-ageing benefits.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Our integrated healthcare approach is based on the principle of prevention & Cure, focusing on the human body’s innate ability to self-heal and rehabilitate. We combined our medical expertise with our uniquely designed 3-in-1 concept “detoxification, revitalisation and lifestyle enhance” to help patients reach optimal level of health and vitality.

How BMS Way Works

Detoxifies heavy metals to Improves poor circulation

Nutritional supplementation to reduces free radicals and lead a free and healthy life

Improve the overall lifestyle with regular exercise, mental healthiness, and healthy diet

Treatment of the cause and not the symptoms

Comprehensive and state of the art diagnostics

The BMS Clinic Way
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How We Compare To Conventional Clinics

Conventional Clinic

BMS Clinic

  • 5-15 Minutes Doctor Consultation
  • Lack of Focus on Root Causes (Symptoms Focused)
  • Examine a health problem from a specialised perspective
  • 60+ Minutes Doctor Consultation
  • Strong Focus on Root Causes
  • Examine a health problem from an integrative perspective
Treatment Methodology
  • Focus chemical drugs
  • Generic Solution
  • Treatment at home
  • Focus in natural substances (supplements & infusions)
  • Personalized solution
  • Treatment at BMS Clinic 
Clients’ Outcomes Are Prone To
  • Reply on chemical drugs
  • Side effects from long term chemical drugs
  • Aging with compromised quality of life
  • Reduce  clients’ use of chemical drugs
  • Reduce from chemical drugs side effects
  • Aging with maximum, if not optimal quality of life