What is albumin?

Albumin is a protein made by your liver. Albumin enters your bloodstream and helps keep fluid from leaking out of your blood vessels into other tissues. It also helps carrying hormones, vitamins, and enzymes throughout your body

– Albumin is an important element in enzyme and kinetin synthesis
– Albumin also plays an important role in the delivery of nutrients in the body
– Albumin also plays a role in the body’s ability to stop bleeding

Why does cancer cause low level albumin level?

Under normal circumstances, our liver is constantly producing albumin. But when the cancer has advanced or spread throughout the body, albumin levels may drop to a relatively low level. Cancer patients who had receiving different treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, which will affect their liver function to a certain extent, this result in low albumin levels.

The main cause of low albumin level:

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  1. Insufficient nutrition caused by:
  • Difficulty in food consumption: resulting in nutrient deficiencies
  • Unbalanced diet
  1. Synthetic disorder: the “hepatic ability to synthesis albumin ” is reduced due to various liver diseases.
  2. Excessive loss: excessive consumption caused by ascites, surgery, and advanced tumors

How does low level in albumin affect the body?

  1. When liver function is impaired, the production of albumin will decrease accordingly, and the degree of decrease is parallel to the severity of hepatitis. The concentration of serum albumin in patients with chronic and severe hepatitis and liver cirrhosis are relatively lower. Low albumin level in liver function tests often indicates that the liver has been damaged. The lower the albumin value, the more serious the liver damage.
  2. Another function of albumin is to nourish cells and maintain intravascular osmotic pressure. When the albumin level decline, the intravascular osmotic pressure decreases subsequently, patients may experience ascites.
  3. Albumin is an important nutrient in the human body, which can maintain nutritional balance in the human body. When albumin level is low, malnutrition may appear.
  4. If the content of albumin in the serum decreases, the colloid osmotic pressure in the plasma will decrease, which will lead to excessive fluid in the blood. The excessive fluid will enter and mix with tissue fluid which cause edema. In severe cases, ascites and body edema may occur.

How to deal with low albumin level?

1. Adjust your diet and eat more foods rich in protein and vitamins
2. Intravenous infusion of albumin  etc., (Under doctor guidance is needed)